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Saturday, 12 March 2016

Distress Ink Speed Colouring Video - Bubble Tilda

Hi everyone, I'm back with another video for you. This is how I colour Bubble Tilda from start to finish. It's a speed colouring video so no talking, but I've added notes throughout the video on what colours I'm using etc to make it easy to follow.

I hope you like it, I've been working on filming a shaped card tutorial from start to finish, using this coloured image, so I hope to have that ready for you next weekend.

Want to see a sneak peek?

It's not giving much away is it? He he, you'll just have to wait till next weekend to see the finished card.

Thanks for dropping by :) xx


  1. Wonderful colouring! Thank you very much! With your hands it seems simply eheh :D Lol

  2. Enjoyed the video. I have a question. I'm fairly new to coloring with markers. Are you taking a wet brush directly to the marker tip or do you press the color onto a mat and take it from there?

    1. Hi Patty, in the main I'm scribbling the ink from the marker onto an acrylic block and taking the ink from there with a barely damp brush, you can see this best in my tutorial on colouring skin. However occasionally I will use the marker directly to the paper like I did with the bubbles or if I want to add an extra amount of ink to just a small area, I will pick some ink up with my brush directly from the marker tip for a stronger effect. Hope that helps to answer your question :) xx

  3. Oh my my, your coloring is just amazing! love all your video:) This one is absolute Fabulous! Keep up good work and sharing Linda! Really helped me a lot:)))

  4. Beautiful! Thank you soooo much for the tutorial. Jayne x

  5. Its beautiful Linda, i saw you use Acrylic paper. Its very very nice.
    Hugs Astrid

  6. Fab tutorial Linda. You inspire me so much. Xx

  7. Utterly fabulous tutorial Linda. So amazing to watch you in action, I was mesmerised! You're so talented and it's awesome to be able to watch you talent in action. Thanks for taking the time to make your awesome videos. Hugs, Wends x

  8. Another Awesome Video. My next attempt comming up I can see.


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