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Saturday 10 August 2013

Such a Great Week

Super quick extra post from me as I'm so busy getting the house ready, but I sat down with cup of java (an essential for me) and started checking some blogs and challenges I hadn't got around to properly when I wasn't well...and..I found I'd made top 3 (well 5 actually lol because there were so many great entries they couldn't choose just 3)!  How fab is that? So I have another new badge proudly displayed on my left bar.
Thanks to all the DT and GDT for their stellar work, this week just keeps getting better and better...hmm maybe now IS the time to check those lottery tickets eh? :P  

Oh well back to the housework lol, catch you later :) xx


  1. Yeah Get That Ticket On Girl Could Be Your Lucky Week

    1. I actually had 2 winning tickets in my purse lol, each one for less than a fiver but still, they were winners rofl xx


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