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Saturday 10 August 2013

Happy Happy Dance

A very good morning to you all :)  

Why am I doing the happy happy dance I hear you ask...or maybe you don't but I'm answering anyway lol.  Well there are several reasons to be fair.

I have a whole week's holiday from work yay!!  My beautiful daughter is driving up from London tomorrow to spend a few days (including her birthday) with me :) :) :D
and yesterday I had some fabulously exciting news......which is.....

I've been invited to join the design team at Crafty Catz!! *points to the shiny new badge in the top left hand corner* 
Oh my word, how exciting is that?!  After starting the week miserably with a heavy summer cold and my old semi impacted wisdom tooth doing it's stupid try to push through once every few years thing, the week has turned into such a good one :) :)

If you're not familiar with Crafty Catz, they're (I suppose I need to start saying 'we're' now) a challenge blog that puts on a different challenge every Friday with a chance of a fab prize.  As well as the randomly drawn prize winner, we also have a top 3 chosen by the DT and we have regular GDT spots.
Anyone can join in, you just need to follow the given theme for the week and these are not difficult to follow.  We're currently on a 2 week holiday (which is great for me as it gives me plenty of time to settle in) but we're back on the 23rd August with a new challenge, so do come and join us :)  I'll put up a reminder here nearer the time and of course I'll be posting my own DT creation here when we commence.

The team seem a lovely group, very friendly and welcoming and ready to answer my questions, I'm sure I'll be very happy crafting with them and I'm really grateful to be given this amazing opportunity.

I'm not sure  if I'll get the chance to post a card today (I will post the card that I made for my daughter here on Sunday once she's seen it, don't want her seeing it here and spoiling the surprise lol), I have that post saved and ready to go :) but I'll be busy getting ready for her visit ...which is why I'm posting at stupid o'clock on a Saturday morning lol 

But if I don't get to post a card before then I will post a pic of my crafty corner.......I know how we all love to see where other people do their creating...and for once it will be tidy rofl. Yes I'm confessing, I'm often a messy crafter *blush*

Well enjoy your Saturday, I'm off to do tidying and hoovering *sigh* ahh well it's all in a good cause :)  xx


  1. Morning Linda, we are so happy to have you on our happy team, love your blog, enjoy your time with your daughter..xx

  2. And a big welcome to the team Linda!
    Kim x

    1. Thanks to both of you for visiting, I've been made to feel so welcome, it's wonderful!! :) xx

  3. Congratulations Linda - so deserved!

    Gina x


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