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Thursday 8 August 2013

On the mend

Good evening folks, so sorry I haven't posted anything here since Sunday.  Truth to tell I've been a mite poorly, nothing serious, just a heavy summer cold that combined with being extra busy at work meant I was just exhausted when I came home.  

I have tried to visit people's blogs and will catch up a bit more over the next few days as I'm starting to feel better, and I have a week's holiday next week....yippee!!!

I won't be around much though,(if at all) from Sunday evening to Wednesday evening, as my daughter is visiting from London (yay!!) and I'll be catching up. 

I have made a card this week and I love the way it's turned out so I will be sharing it but.....*tease*  I can't share it till Sunday as it's for my daughter's birthday and I don't want her seeing it before the day.  She'll be 24...gosh, where did that time go....she'll always be my baby though.

So I'll have a card at least to share on Sunday (will have to get my post ready beforehand lol) and then from Wednesday evening onwards I'll have plenty of time to craft, so expect a few projects from me at the weekend.

Take care and happy crafting! :) xx


  1. oh yes i know time flys my son is 30 and it only seems like yesterday i brought him home from hospital. Have a lovely time catching up and will be looking out for the card next week i am sure she will love it

  2. Hope you get better. Your daughter will love whatever it is. Can't wait to see it:)
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