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Saturday 1 August 2015

Mini Album Winner.

Good morning! (well it's morning here anyway), I hope you are all enjoying the weekend so far. Later today I will have some Candy to share with you, but right now I'm announcing the winner of my 

Please send me an email to

with your snail mail and I will get it packed up and sent out to you.

Thank you so much to everyone who left me a comment,  I will be giving another mini album away a bit later this month.

I do find it very difficult with working, crafting, blogging, filming videos and having a bit of a social and family life, to leave comments on people's blogs and FaceBook makes as often as I would like (though I always visit and look). Sometimes it all gets a bit on top of me, I really do not know how some of you manage, I feel like I need a machine to make me more hours in the day sometimes lol! and this is one of the reasons that I'm running several giveaways this month, to celebrate my 2 year blogversary and by way of saying thank you to my followers for sticking with me and commenting even though I don't always comment back.

As August is a time I take a short break and spend some time with my beautiful grown up daughter on her birthday I thought I would stagger the giveaways I have planned through the month. 
I can't show you what they all are as that would spoil the fun, but I can tell you what kind of giveaways they are.

  • A variety of rubber stamps including Saturated Canary, Candibeans and La-La Land Crafts.
  • A Mini Album.
  • A Waterfall Folio
  • A 2nd variety of rubber stamps including Saturated Canary, Candibeans and La-La Land Crafts
  • A pre-cut Kit for making a Waterfall Folio

So do stay tuned for those.

Hugs to you all! :) xx


  1. Congrats to the winner ; she will be very pleased with your album.
    Wishing you a lovely time this month !

  2. Me?
    Im so happy!
    I always wanted mini album
    thank you
    hugs ❤


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