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Saturday 7 September 2013

Apologies, News and a bit of a Review.

Good morning all.  Apologies for the lack of a promised post yesterday, I was ever the eternal optimist and was waiting patiently (well ok, not very patiently lol), for the day to improve and provide a bit more natural light ...and of course that never happened.  I've decided that with autumn upon us and the days fast drawing in, I need to invest in a lamp for photographing. I'll see how things go today and if there's no improvement from yesterday, I'll just bite the bullet and use the flash *sigh* but I will post the results today regardless.

On a completely different note................I have been having an incredible week.  Over the last 2 days I have had a total of 3....that's right 3! wins or top 3 placements in challenges and 2 offers of GDT places.  My cup runneth over :)

In addition to all the success in challenges etc, I am in a happy place because I received a lot of goodies recently.  Last month I won prizes at Tilda's Town and at Bunnyzoe's crafts and I received my orders from both of them yesterday so I have new goodies to play with.

 In addition to getting new stamps and materials I recently managed  managed to sell a laptop that hadn't been used for around 2 years and used the proceeds to help buy a new die cutting machine.  

I had a Cuttlebug, which tbf I was mostly very happy with, BUT it would not cut the larger A4 shaped dies, so my shaped cards were a little on the small side. 

Also I was having to make several passes with some dies, trying to get an even cut all the way through.  I looked at buying either a Grand Calibur or a Big Shot Pro.  The Grand Calibur was a LOT cheaper than the Big Shot Pro, but it won't cut the sizzix dies and I heard a few stories of them breaking. The Big Shot Pro seems nice and sturdy and will cut most of the different die cuts on the market, but you still need to buy extra accessories, and the thing is mahoosive lol, but even so I'd decided that this was the best option until.......I discovered the ebosser.  Priced between the Grand Calibur and the Bigshot Pro it will cut and emboss every die you own and any you're likely to buy including large up to A4 size, and what's more it comes with all the kit needed to do so, no having to buy additional cutting plates.  What makes it even more attractive is that it's electrically powered, so no more winding through several times by hand!

It arrived yesterday and having tried it out I can say that so far I'm a big fan! It takes up relatively little space on the counter (though you will need a little space to store the cutting platforms which are A4 size, and thus far it's cut everything I've thrown at it beautifully in one pass.  What's more due to the large cutting area, it will cut several smaller dies at a time, saving you time and effort.  

So far ( and bearing in mind I've only had a day to play) I would definitely recommend it, particularly if you have any hand or shoulder problems as there's no winding, you just feed the plates and it does all the for you. Once you get the sandwich correct for whatever make of dies you are using (it cuts them all I have thin metal dies from Spellbinders, Whimsy, Memory Box, La La Land, Marianne, Cherry Lyn and Magnolia and some of the thick Bigz dies) it can chomp through paper, card, chipboard, material etc.  It comes with 4 different plates, plus a magnetic shim, an embossing mat and even an A4 embossing folder....I also have to say I'm not being paid by Ebosser to advertise for them LOL!

Anyway, if you're thinking about an A4 cutting machine I'd recommend this one (so far), of course it's early days, but I use my die cutting machine....a if I encounter any problems, I'll keep you posted.

It looks like it's going to be a brighter day today, so I'll finish my coffee and go grab some pics of my new card before the sun has a chance to run away!

See you in a bit  :) xx

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  1. Oh You Lucky Thing I Would Love A LargeMachine Have The Big Shout Which I Love But Wish It Did Bigger. Have A LovelyDay And Congrats On Your Wins They Where Well Deserved


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